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Tycoon Communication's appleTycoon Communication is the independent innovative agency ready to orchestrate any challenge and uncover alternative advertising opportunities.

We are a multicultural, plucky team and we are driven to have a passion for excellence to ensure our customers success.

We born in 2001 in Bucharest, Romania as Tycoon Media and we are proud to had customers like : Ruby Thuesday Romania, Club Babylon, The Embassy of Brazil in Bucharest, Kia Motors Romania, Oriflame Romania, Autozone, The Embassy of Peru in Bucharest, Merkur Casino Romania, MG Vega, Cultural Romtour, Panalight Romania, Nexcom, ANISP, Fundatia Parada, ex Connex actually Vodafone, Mimo Group, Romsym, Bicks Industries, MetalRom, Altex and many others.

Partners we had in Romania : Romanian National Dance Sport Federation, Sapte Seri, The Cuban Embassy in Bucharest, Pernod-Ricard Romania, Halewood Group Romania, Tuborg, Giotto, Romaqua, Profile, 3D Studio, Heinrig, Bucharest Night Life, etc.

The very essence of our work is imagination. The agency serves in a variety of capacities, using creative mix and advanced technical supports, turning inspiration into achievements.

The very first three things we do before we begin :


We organize special events in an accurate manner, matching our client’s quality standards and company philosophy.

We offer creative below the line, planning and execution for general concepts, as well as smaller services within budget, but we will never jeopardize our slogan

The living art of communication

A good idea must be a little bit scary. If not, it’s not an idea at all.

All strategies and action plans are tuned to create relevance, resonance and reputation.

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